Lil Paws Winery is located in Lake Milton, Ohio. We chose Lake Milton because of the beauty of the lake and the friendly small town feeling of the area.

The wineries name was inspired from our “K9 Kids” throughout the years. All of our wines are named after a dog that we currently have, have had in the past, or belongs to a relative or close friend. Our logo has four simple paws to represent the four founders of the company.

We are committed to the quality of our wines. We feel that letting our wine properly age to the peak of taste is an important part of quality. We strive to have a good balanced variety of wines that everyone, no matter your taste, can find pleasing at an affordable price.
It is our mission to create a relaxing atmosphere in which to enjoy great wines, so visit Lil Paws Winery and unwind with a glass of wine….or two.

To find out more about us and the winery come and see us.